10 Best English Shayari On Daisy

10 Best English Shayari On Daisy

10 Best English Shayari On Daisy



I saw a daisy,
Which was so lazy.
Wasn’t in the mood to bloom,
Don’t know was waiting for whom.
When it saw me,
It went crazy!



Love me crazy,
And hate me lazy.
Blossom like a daisy,
If once you’re ready.



Whenever life become hazy,
Add love, look like daisy.
Don’t worry, take it easy,
Smile to it and be crazy.



When the dewdrops trickle to drench,
Upon your sweet face, O Daisies!
And the tremors that sounds charming,
As they’ve offered a chorus to fairies.



Soft winds blow sweet kisses to the sky,
Under the rose bower I lie,
Yellow daisies dance to the song of warm breeze,
Here lies the soul searching peace.



Justice without fairness,
Is like daisy without freshness.




Your presence made me crazy,
Your absence made me lazy,
Baby, I want to be your daisy!



She was indeed a daisy,
In the field of roses.
It was obvious for many,
To perceive her as unpretty.
Yet he came near her,
Daisy, What a pretty thing you are!



War was between love and hate.
My love,
Which was soft and subtle as daisy.
Your hate,
Which was severe and toxic as belladonna.



Like the daisies,
She smelt so wild.
And like the snow,
I melted so smooth.


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