10 Best English Shayari On Eyes

10 Best English Shayari On Eyes

10 Best English Shayari On Eyes



You can fall on brown eyes,
And be lost forever.
You can fall in blue eyes,
And swim forever.
You can fall on green eyes,
And be searching forever.
My Choice: brown



The Sun is burning up above,
And your eyes are shining down here.
And I still wonder,
Which has more fire in it?



Her eyes had the fire,
To burn people.
Her heart which had the depth,
To sink people.



They say, “Beauty lies”,
I say, “Still the eye relies”.



Be it closed or open,
It either dreamed of you,
Or wished for you.
Somewhere deep,
Deep in my eyes,
Lays a heart,
Always desiring only for you.



In this flinty world,
I ever forget to cry,
Else even today,
My retina embraces,
The glimpse of our memories.



Don’t look into my eyes,
You may find your lies.



I want to hold your hands,
Get lost in your eyes,
Feel your heartbeat next to mine,
And say ‘I love you’,
Just before I give,
All of myself to you.



The cheeks waged a war against the eyes,
As they didn’t want to get wet,
By someone else’s lies.
The eyes said it gives it’s best try,
But the control is with heart,
And not with the eye.



It’s not necessary that,
I have to confess my feelings for you.
Can’t you see my eyes??
It shines bright, when it sees you.


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