10 Best English Shayari On Family

10 Best English Shayari On Family

10 Best English Shayari On Family



With others,
We are somebody else.
With family,
We are ourselves.



We may not be,
A perfect Family,
But we are
A happy family.
And that is all,
What matters.



Love is life,
And life is family.
So love is equal to family.



If life is a race,
Everyone is your competitor,
Except your family.
They are your supporter,
All throughout your life.



The love in our family,
Grows strong and deep,
Leaving special moments,
To treasure and keep.



A silly fight in a family,
Makes the bond much stronger,
And love much deeper.



If life is an equation,
Everything else is variable,
Only family is constant.



Family is the only place,
Where nobody questions,
On your loyalty,
to love you unconditionally.



Family is,
Like branches on a tree.
We all grow in different directions,
Yet our roots remain as one.



We are related by blood,
And connected by love.
And so world call us a family.


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