10 Best English Shayari About Life

10 Best English Shayari About Life

    10 Best English Shayari About Life



I smile to make everyone’s day,
But the truth is that
I’m crying on inside.



Respect your haters,
They’re the only ones who thinks
You’re better than them.



Maybe I’m Villain
In your story
But I’m hero
In mine.



The secret of happiness is
Low expectations.



People don’t change,
They reveal who they
Really are.



I love sarcasm
It’s like
Punching people in the face
With words.



I don’t want to sit around and hope good things to happen,
I want to make them happen.



A good girl gives you happiness,
And a bad girl gives you experience,
Both are essential in life
So enjoy every girlfriend.



Make yourself happy,
Mistakes have the power
To turn you into
Something better
Than you were before.



Don’t try to make me bad,
Because I don’t know how to be bad,
I just know how to be worst.

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