10 Best English Shayari About Love

10 Best English Shayari About Love


10 Best English Shayari About Love


I loved you yesterday,
I love you still.
I always have,
And I always will.



Being deeply loved by someone
Gives you strength,
While loving someone deeply
Gives you courage.



I swear I couldn’t love you
More than I do right now,
And yet I know
I will tomorrow.



Some love stories aren’t epic novels,
Some are short stories.
But that doesn’t make them any less filled with love.



I’ve never had a moment’s doubt.
I love you.
I believe in you completely.
You’re my dearest one,
My reason for life.



I just want you to know that,
You’re very special.
And the only reason I’m telling you is that,
I don’t know if anyone else ever has.



I would walk through the desert,
I would walk through the aisle,
I would swim all the oceans,
Just to see you smile.



I love you,
Not because of who you’re,
But because of who I’m,
When I’m with you.



Every day and night,
My mind is filled with thoughts of you.
As long as the sun continues to shine,
You can be sure that,
My heart will remain yours.



You know you’re in love,
When you can’t fall asleep,
Because reality is finally better,
Than your dreams.


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