10 Best English Shayari On Rose

10 Best English Shayari On Rose

10 Best English Shayari On Rose



This old world that we’re living in,
Is might hard to beat.
You get a thorn with every rose,
But ain’t the roses sweet?



The lily has a smooth stalk,
Will never hurt your hand,
But the rose upon her brier,
Is lady of the land.



There’s sweetness in an apple tree,
And profit in the corn,
But lady of all beauty,
Is a rose upon a thorn.



When with moss and honey,
A rose tips her bending brier,
And half unfolds her glowing heart,
She sets the world on fire.



My rose is red,
Your eyes are blue,
You love me,
And I love you.



You love the roses,
So do I. I wish,
The sky would rain down roses,
As they rain from off the shaken bush.
Why will it not?
Then all the valley will be pink and white,
And soft to thread on.



You’re rose of my dream,
You’re rose of my smile,
You’re rose of my heart,
You’re rose of my life.



A rose for you,
For being in my life,
Thank you to,
Complete my life.



You’re precious,
Like a fresh rose,
And I treasure every moment,
We spent together.
I look forward to,
Great future with you.



Not every bird can dance,
But peacock do it.
Not every friend can patch my heart,
But you do it.
Not every flower can express love,
But roses do it.


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