10 Best English Shayari On Sunflower

10 Best English Shayari On Sunflower

10 Best English Shayari On Sunflower



The nights are lonely,
Dark and deep,
But the sunflower,
Has a promise to keep,
And miles to go,
Before she can weep.



Be a sunflower,
And chase the light.
Or be a firefly,
And be the light.
Either way, the darkness is overrated.



 But I’m a sunflower,
A little funny.
If I were a rose,
Maybe you’d want me.
But I know
You don’t have a clue,
This sunflower’s
Waiting for you.



If into a sunflower,
I grew,
I wish to turn,
Only towards you.



In this world,
Where you pick roses,
I’m a sunflower,
Picking myself always.



The center of my existence,
You are and will always be mine,
I was once a withered sunflower,
enlivened by your warm sunshine.



But sunflowers never build stories,
By the seaside.
They smile in the sunshine,
Where everyone else cries.



My life has been filled with ups and downs,
It got so bad, I almost left my town.
But fate brought me to my sunflower,
Cute and a little brown.



Oh yellow sunflower!
How unique you are,
Your beauties radiates afar.
The tale of charm you sing,
Blooming and beaming in everyone’s ring.



I will write you a poetry,
In which you will be the moon,
You are my sunflower in my heart,
Who will always bloom.


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