10 Best English Shayari On Tulip

10 Best English Shayari On Tulip

10 Best Enlish Shayari On Tulip



Amidst the tulip gardens,
I wander all lost,
Where once the breeze made me sensuous,
Only you I could accost.



Hey tulip, look deep within you,
You find a center that’s dark and black,
Which represents a friendly heart,
And you’re the reason for his art.



To bloom every spring,
Was her duty.
The red tulip lived,
For that only season.



There’s no need of comparison,
Tulips and roses are precious,
In their own way.



When she opened the book,
She saw a marshmallow,
Down into the meadow,
The tulip was yellow,
That fell on the pillow,
She got a jello,
Bought from melo.



Truthful as a tulip,
Vexing as a violet,
Lonely as a lily,
But stronger than a storm.



All my tulips are white,
She like them red,
I stained them with my blood,
And she came running for hug.



And in the end,
Love tastes like tulips,
Having rain tea,
In a colored cup.



I want to preserve your love,
In a field of tulips,
Safely living in it.



First time he saw a tulip,
That was so breathtaking,
He was mesmerized, fascinated.
Mesmerized by its delicacy,
Fascinated by its colors.


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