Driving Job In Bangladesh 2020 Multi Tech 24

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sector 6, Uttara, Dhaka, (Salary Rs. 14,000) No Lance at noon, Car alien, and school duty। Number:01869326955

Since you have taken the job through me, he will work hard for a very long time Behave in a good way so that no complaints come in your name. I hope you understand because,

I don’t want my name to be tarnished by those who have taken jobs through me. There are many others who steal his or her gas, so please don’t do that,

If you need, you can ask your boss for some money, but he will give you a problem Not at all, And if you think there’s a job or a problem, let me know if it’s my number. Get in your video or comment on my video to let me know if this owner has money like this. If you have not given or there is a problem, I will definitely try to solve your problem।

Shanto Khan

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